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Reach The One

Our heart is to reach the one.

Our mission is to reach the One who is far from God and help them become a passionate follower of Jesus. We do this specifically by loving our neighbors whoever they may be.

We show love to our community.

Living in NYC, each neighborhood is unique; each block is unique! Walking down your own street you can hear 4 or 5 languages. It’s this diversity that we respect, we love, and we see in our neighbors that causes us to embrace them in our communities. The Bible’s greatest commandments were to love God and love our neighbors. We do just that.

Worship, prayer, and relevant preaching.

We praise and worship God through singing. We pray and believe it changes things so we make sure that we lift everyone and their needs to God. A pastor or leader will share a teaching from God’s Word and gives an opportunity to ask questions about what we read and ways to apply it to our everyday lives in NYC.

Expect to feel at home with great friends who feel like family.

Afterwards we eat. We always break bread together. Sometimes the best fellowship is simply being with one another, sharing a meal, a good laugh, a story, or share what is happening in your heart.

Our beliefs shape how we live and serve.

We boldly share the gospel in order to lead others to a radical life-changing experience and believe that every individual has a God-given purpose and destiny. Sacrificial living, perseverance, humility, resiliency, and an undivided heart to the ways of God are some identifying values that are important to us.

Leadership & Staff

Pastor Bill Carson and family - CityReach Church Bay Ridge
Bill Carson

Lead Pastor

Bill and Katie Carson met at University of Valley Forge in 2006, and they graduated with degrees in Pastoral Ministry (Bill) and Psychology (Katie), and both received licensed credentials with the Assemblies of God in 2010. They were married in 2009 and welcomed their son, “Little Bill” who is now 6 years old.

Bill and Katie sensed the Holy Spirit calling them to New York City in 2014 and they left their secular jobs managing early childcare centers in Pennsylvania for the largest city in America.

Nestled in Southwest Brooklyn, they made their new home in the Bay Ridge neighborhood – a classic Brooklyn neighborhood where Italian, Greek, and Middle Eastern cultures come together, forming a true melting pot of neighbors who can be found sitting on stoops in the evenings, kids who play ball in the streets, and families who have lived there for three and four generations.

The Carson family is starting a network of House Churches in Bay Ridge and have a vision to reach Southwest Brooklyn with a House Church Movement so that with God’s help, and for God’s glory only, they could “reach the One who is far from God and help them become a passionate follower of Jesus.

Our Network

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CityReach Network is a church planting organization with a vision to aggressively reach cities with the hope of Jesus. God heals brokenness and pain and He uses the church to share His message of victory. By equipping pastors, planting churches and making disciples, we partner with God in bringing the hope of Christ to those in need. Our Network of pastors and churches boldly share the Gospel in order to lead others to a radical life-changing experience.